The stability of the position of the teeth depends a great deal on the influence of the ever-changing muscular environment that surrounds them (cheeks, lips, tongue, chewing muscles, etc.). As such, upon the completion of your orthodontic treatment, you will be prescribed a retainer. Retention devices are necessary to hold teeth in their new positions, while your bone, gums, and muscles adjust to their altered environment over a period of time.


How long do I have to wear my retainer?
The amount of time necessary to wear a retainer varies from patient to patient. Drs. Apicella and Lorei will prescribe the amount of time as necessary.

Should I bring my retainer with me to my visit?
Yes. Once provided with retainers, they should be brought to any subsequent appointments to not only be evaluated for fit and effectiveness, but also for adjustment if any additional minor movement is indicated.

How do I keep my retainer clean?
Use a toothbrush to clean all parts of the retainer after every meal. Also, once before bedtime is good too.

How do retainers break?
Being careless and not using a retainer case can result in a broken retainer. Also, do not put retainers in napkins at mealtimes, as doing so can result in a lost or broken retainer. The safest place for your retainers is in your mouth!

What is a bonded or fixed retainer?
In many cases, a small wire can be fastened or bonded to the back of the select teeth in order to work in conjunction with your night time retainers to enhance stability of the corrections.