Oral hygiene is an important part of orthodontic treatment. Brushing and flossing daily will keep your visits to our office at a minimum. Our technicians will show you how to best clean your teeth and braces during your appointments. In addition, they will let you know if there are any spots you need to focus on.

Check braces once a week for anything loose or bent. If a bracket or band comes loose or you break a wire, please call either of our offices so that we can arrange an appointment. Try to explain what has happened by using the diagram provided. Be as specific as possible with the receptionist. If you lose your rubber bands, please contact us so that we can set-up arrangements for you to receive more.

For further guidance on proper brushing and flossing techniques, please refer to the “Orthodontic Brushing and Flossing Procedure” handout that you recieved at your bonding appointment.  If you have further questions, please contact either of our offices.