While pre-teens and teenagers have often been associated with orthodontic treatment, adults now make up a growing percentage of orthodontic patients. So don’t be shy! We have treatment options that can be tailored to your lifestyle while helping you to achieve the smile you dream of.


Is there an age limit?
Not at all! It is never too late to improve your smile.

Why should an adult get braces?
Our question is, why not? Mal-aligned teeth and a “bad” bite can contribute to gum disease and bone loss, tooth decay, abnormal wear of teeth, and sometimes jaw joint pain. Whether you are getting married, taking a new job, or simply want to improve your personal appearance, braces can benefit your dental health and also your overall well being.

Are there orthodontists that specialize in adult treatment?
Some orthodontists specialize in adult treatment, but all orthodontists are trained to treat patients of all ages.

Will braces have an impact on my oral hygiene?
When you have braces, it is important to keep up with your oral hygiene. This said, by straightening crowded or crooked teeth, you will experience a vast improvement in your overall oral hygiene.