by Aimee Voght

The most frequent question that we get when a parent or patient is interested in purchasing either the Oral-B or the Phillips Sonicare electronic toothbrush is “What’s the difference?” There are many differences and many similarities. The biggest comparisons are what accessories are included with each brush, what are the differences in the cleaning mechanisms between both brushes, and the price.

Both the Sonicare and the Oral-B have multiple brushing modes and settings. They both come with a travel case , charger, and a satisfaction guarantee with a full refund if not. The Sonicare comes with a convenient glass that serves two purposes (1) Rinsing and ( 2) charging the brush while being stored. The Sonicare also boasts a USB cord for charging on the go. Phillips Sonicare offers a brush designed  for kids that uses fun sounds to encourage kids to brush and uses age appropriate brush heads. The Oral-B offers a Smart Guide stating that it will wirelessly provide real time feedback to guide brushing by tracking how long  it was used. You can now simply monitor the Smart Guide through the use of an application that can be downloaded on most smart devices.  When you purchase the Oral-B through our office it contains 2 orthodontic  brush heads and a complete kit of different products to help encourage adequate oral hygiene through out the orthodontic treatment.

The Phillips Sonicare uses what they call high-frequency vibrations to achieve 62,000 brush movements per minute. The Oral-B Pro Smart Series 5000 advertises 48,800 brush movements per minute. Both tooth brushes state that they remove more plaque and reduces the development of the gum disease gingivitis relative to a manual toothbrush.

Choosing an electronic tooth brush really comes down to personal preference. Either choice is a good choice..but remember no toothbrush can be successful with out the proper use.  Please contact either of our offices for more information about the products that we currently have available.