(image by cozi.com)

by Becky Donmoyer

My husband has always told me I was the most disorganized, organized person he has ever met. I didn’t believe him at first until I realized how much time and effort I was putting into organizing calendars, dinner menus, grocery shopping, work outs, plus juggling the kids crazy schedules. I knew I had to do something, so I bought a cute calendar and put together a recipe binder. I was on the way to organization bliss! Well, that works REALLY well when you forget to write things down or when you are at the store and forget what was on the menu that week, not to mention remembering to tell your husband that the kids have a doctors appointment at 7am the next morning! Oops… Something wasn’t working and I was exhausted at the end of each day. He was right. Yes I know I said it and I will say it again. He was right! I needed a better way of getting organized and keeping it together.

While digging through the endless amount of calendar apps on my phone I stumbled upon something that changed everything!  The app is called Cozi. It is a FREE app and website that helps families coordinate crazy schedules, track shopping lists, manage chores and to do lists, keep recipes, and stay in the loop with each other- all in one place. It is easy to get started with Cozi; all you need is a free account. Because Cozi is shared, you only need one account for the whole family. My main goal was to get organized and simplify. This was my golden ticket to success!

I love that I can add recipes from anywhere on the web and even plan out my dinner meals for the week. (I can get carried away and plan for the month.) Before my Cozi days, I would get up and go to work only to panic on the way home wondering what I can whip up for dinner that would be healthy and please the family. Knowing what I will be making each day, I can have it in the Crockpot before work and come home to the smell of chicken (and success). Adding to my excitement, I can add the items needed for these meals to a shopping list to keep my grocery budget in check and spend more time at home with my family than in the grocery store. I am sure the cashier at my local supermarket has missed my extremely vocal children in her checkout every other day. Another plus, if I don’t feel like stopping for something my wonderful husband can stop and see what is needed from his phone as well.

If that isn’t a good enough reason to get the app, how about having everyone’s busy social life all at your fingertips (and theirs). You can see who needs dropped off where and when at anytime. This app will also send email and text reminders of these appointments so you will never show up on the wrong day (not that I have done that before). You can even sync online school and sports schedules to the app as well. Therefore, you are never running out last minute to find a poodle skirt for next week’s concert only to realize it is 2016 not 1956 (not that I have ever done that either, but I can sew a mean poodle skirt now). Birthdays are never forgotten with setting reminders, now you can send Aunt Kim that card from last year you forgot!

The time spent “organizing” is now spent on family game nights (of course they are scheduled) and communication is better throughout the family leaving beautiful smiles all around. That was the goal to begin with right?