Emergency care for orthodontic patients is occasionally needed. Some treatments can be easier with patient intervention.

What to do if you have an emergency:

Emergency appointments may be made if you are having discomfort, a loose band, a broken wire, or something sticking out that you are unable to take care of.  Knowing the names of the appliance parts will be beneficial, as it will help us to provide the best care possible when trying to schedule an emergceny appointment.

If you have an emergency, such as a broken bracket, loose or poking wire, or something else that may be cuasing you discomfort, please call our Mechanicsburg office at 717-697-8222 or our Carlisle office at 717-243-3200.  If you are calling outside of our regular business hours, you can reach us by calling the phone numbers listed on our answering system.  Providing excellent care to our patients is a priority, and we always make an effort to correct any problems as quickly as possible.