“Everyone is so friendly and kind. The doctors are great. My daughter loves to go there. She gets very excited when she has an appointment.”  – JB

“We had a great consultation and first visit today. Extremely friendly staff, very professional. Everyone was very knowledgeable and thorough, we are very much looking forward to our experience here!”


“I had an amazing first visit at the office today. Everyone was so kind and was willing to answer any questions or concerns. They were very supportive and I’m glad to be able to get my braces from Apicella-Lorei Orthodontics.” -MF

“Our two boys have had a great experience at Appicella Lorei. The office has a great atomosphere and the staff hold to the schedule very closely. The incentives they give the patients are a great idea.” -AC

“Our kids actually LOVE to go to the orthodontist!”  -JH

“It’s never too late to get your teeth fixed. I did it after my retirement! Drs. Apicella and Lorei were great through the whole process. It wasn’t easy, but well worth it! Thanks you guys for everything!”   -AR